Vibration conveyor for bulk product spreading

Vibrating conveyor provided with wheelcan be moved for cleaning, or to changea production line’s configuration. Entirely made ofstainless steel.


Vibrating hoppers

A 2 m3 hopper to feed a cheese grter with emmental cubes. Realisation in 304L stainless steel, stripped bare, passivated continuous seam welding.


Vibrating conveyor made with embossed metal sheets

Specific manufacturing with embossed metal sheet used to transport sticky products.
Continuous welding for all parts in contact with the product.


Special shape vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor enables to realign products on a belt conveyor.


Alignment conveyors

These vibrating conveyors enable to line up or position parts (food, pharmaceuticals products…)


Electromagnetic conveyor

These electromagnetic conveyors are installed under hopper or silos. The vibrating conveyors can be tube-shaped or rectangular with a cover.
Installation with overhang on an axis which allows the conveyor to be rotated.


Feeding of pasteurizers or deep freezers (IQF feeding)

Vibrating feeders can be designed to regularly feed a deep freezing or pasteurizing belt to ensure that the products to be treated do not remain stuck to each other. For deep freezers the aim is to produce I.Q.F. products.
This equipment can be installed “on line” or perpendicular to the line to limitate space. Dripping equipement are often installed “upstream” before the feeders, this depends on the product that has to be strained. After the deep freezers or pasteurizers it may be necessary to install a sieve to eliminate products which are not conformed (fragments, fine powder, clumps, etc.).


Multihead weigher feeding

Using vibrating conveyors enable to improve regular feeding of the multihead weigher by avoiding a jerky loading, which could be detrimental to its correct running.
Among other advantages, feeding of a multihead weigher with a vibrating conveyor, enables to create a regular flow when feeding the multihead weigher from a bucket elevator, a belt conveyor or a “Europe trays”.


Vibrating conveyor with metal detector

The combination of these two technologies results in a multitude of advantages:

  • Easy to clean
  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Safety
  • Adapted before an aluminum packing
  • Supply directly from a bagging machine
  • Watertightness (IP66)
  • Fixed or mobile
  • With or without trays
  • 304l stainless steel
  • Rectangular or tubular shape
  • Possibility to sieve products on the same equipment.
Vibrating Stirrer

Vibrating stirrer

The combination of these two technologies results in a multitude of advantages:

  • Innovating product
  • Parts colouring units
  •  Thermal isolated container
  • Container enable the treatment of the moving product
  • Heating system with regulation enable precise adjustment
  • Easy emptying of the tray
  • Easy cleaning
  • 304L or 316L stainless steel manufacturing
  • System enable to treat vibrating pieces in a heating bath