The efficiency of sprinkling machines is appreciated in different industrial sectors,such as:

  • The chemical industry: talc sprinkling, gumming and various coating.
  • The food industry: sugar sprinkling, aromatization, glazing, decoration.
    For your application, you simply need to give us the following information :
    – Features of the product to be sprinkled : bulk density and particle size, quantity to be sprinkled (dry products) per surface unit
    – The dimension and number of “zones” to be sprinkled simultaneously
    Total width

Uses :

  • Sprinkling machines are designed to achieve accurate and regulardosing, of pulverulent or granular products.
  • The concept of the vibrating machine, eliminates the risks of clogging, vaulting, etc. According to our storage capacity.

Advantages :

  • No moving parts in contact with the product.
  • The flow rate is perfectly regulated by the external adjustment of the vibratorydrive.
  • Total use of the stored product.
  • Fast, efficient maintenance.
  • The “masks” (enabling different shapes of sprinkling) are easy to dismantle and re-assemble and the calibrating sieves, and allow fast manufacturing changeover.
  • Depending on the constraints the energy can be electric or pneumatic

Options :

  • Intermittent operation synchronized with the movement of «parts» to be sprinkled, thus avoiding any product loss.
  • For very volatile products, we deliver with suction ramps
  • Supply hopper according to the storage capacity of the sprinkling machine with regulated supply hopper