Bag and box filling unit


Approved for commercial transactions

Description of unit :

  • Hopper loading through bags, big-bag, belt conveyors, vibrating or bucketelevators,
  • Level detection in the hopper
  • Levelling (depending on the height of the bag or cardboard box to fill) by using an elevating table
  • Weighing Plate equipped with a roller conveyor for box handling.
  • Detection of the box’s presence to avoid filling them when a container is notpresent on the scale.
  • Weight management through a weighing and dosing indicator.
  • Dimensions and flow rate to define according to the technical specifications
  • Weighing software able to take in account 999 different recipes

Operation principles :

The beginning of the cycle is authorized, either by a pedal or push button, or simply by the detection of cardboard (cycle by cycle or number doses).
The largest part of the product is dosed at a high speed, by the widest conveyor.
Accuracy is ensured by the small low speed conveyor. The 2 vibrating conveyors’ flow rates can be adjusted independently (detection of defect “out of the tolerance” in case of a problem). The calculator automatically includes and corrects the drop queue weighing tickets can be printed. Other available weighing principles : weight loss, single conveyor, pre-dosing in a weighed bucket…


Dosing unit with weighed bucket

Unit composed of a hopper and vibrating extractors subjected with a weighing sensor.
Weighing is managed throughout a weighing dosing indicator. High and flow rate extractor are equipped with pneumatic flaps.
Dosing iscarried out by filling a weighing bucket that opens to release the product dose when the weight has been reached.
The dimensions and throuhput are defined according to the technical specifications. This unit can be fully automated or manual. Confined unit into an enclosure to limitate pollution.


Dosing unit by weight loss

The unit is made up of a hopper and a vibrating extractor controlled by scale.
Weighing is managed by a weighing and dosing indicator.
The dimensions and flow rates should be defined according to the technicalspecifications.
The unit (hopper + vibrating hopper) is considered as the tare weight.
This unit can also be used to regulate a product flow rate.
If a minimum weight is detected in the hopper, it leads to an automatic filling.


Container Filling Unit

The unit is equipped with 4 independent weighing heads for the simultaneousfilling of 4 containers.
The 4 filling heads can have their height adjusted to adapt to different container sizes.
The bottles are positionned by jacks.
Bottle docking system for air tightness during filling.
The unit is managed by a PLC.


Unit equipped with 3 interdependent weighing heads for the simultaneous filling of 3 containers.
Weighing heads can be adjusted in height to adapt to different sizes of containers.
Containers arepositioned by jacks.

Fully automated system
Agreement for trade transactions.


Fully automated unit to fill cardboard containers.
Feeding of a weighing bucket through a vibrating conveyor.
Container tamping to pack the products.

Equipment working in refrigerated area.