Vibrating drainers / drippers

Vibrating drainers may be installed after a bleaching unit, a cutting unit, a cookingor cooling unit, to separate products from the liquids.
The filters may be made of cloth or perforated metal sheets.
The elements are designed to be quickly dismantled and for a full cleaning.

More over these equipment are designed to avoid product retention. The dimensions depends on the products that have to be treated and the flow rates to obtain. It is possible to include a spraying system.


Vibrating clod breaker

Vibrating clod breakers are used to fluidize “caked” products which are hardened. The dimensions of these equipment depends on the size of the bags that have to be emptied and on the product block that will be broken. The products that have to be treated may be in granules or powder (salt, etc.).

Washing unit

Equipment equipped with a spraying bar enables a homogeneous spraying of the product. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with a stainless steel cloth to to remove any excess of sprayed liquid. The excess water is then drained out. The washed product comes out of the front of the equipment. It is sometimes necessary to carry out a series of “cascades” to treat all of the sides of the products.

  • Materials : generally made of stainless steel (304L, 316L, etc.)
  • The dimensions depends on the shape and size of the products that have to be treated and also on the flow rate that has to achieved
  • Fixed or mobile assembly on wheels

Drying unit


Used in different fields of activity and for further complement equipment such asfor example:

  • Buffing, de-burring bowls (eliminates water end buffing or de-burring producs)
  • Pasteurizers (eliminates water on tins, etc.)
  • These equipment may be circular, helicoid or linear according to the application
  • This drying unit may be circular, helicoid or linear according to the application.
  • Materials: as a general rule, it is made of stainless steel (304L, 316L, etc.).It can also be made of painted or galvanized steel.
  • The dimensions depends on the shape and size of the products to be dried, of the product flow rate, and on the degree of humidity.
  • Different shapes of vibration can be created according to the applications.
  • Fixed or mobile assembly on wheels.
Vibrating conveyor with IR light irradiation system

Vibrating conveyor with infra-red light irradiation system

These equipment are developed in accordance with specific industrial requirements. They are composed of vibrating conveyors specifically designed to enable an optimal irradiation of the product surface. The ground speed can be regulated.

The wavelength and power of the radiants (IR) are chosen to correspond exactly to the products to be treated.
Radiants are driven through a specific regulation and control system to enable a homogeneous and steady heating of the products.

The union of these two technologies offers a mix of advantages such as, easy cleaning, easy dismantling, safety and a quick return on investment.