Vibrating elevator table

Tamping units are designed for pressing down bulk products in containers, which are moved on conveyors, such as: cardboard boxes, drums, crates, containers on pallets, etc.
Associated with a weighing table, it enables the dosing station to optimize the filling of containers.

These units do not use much space and fit under the conveyor, consequently they do not obstruct the user when manual filling is necessary.


Vibrating tables under belt control

  • Tamping of container before sealing.
  • Increase of bulk density.
  • Adjustable height according to the size of containers.
  • Leveling of take for correct sealing
  • Existing line modification and installation on site
  • Realisation in stainless steel or painted steel
  • Tamping bags during filling before seaming or weldind
  • Increase of bulk density
  • Tamping container at the horizontal during the conveying to the palletisation
  • Enhancement of the bags’ shapes to give a better palletisaton
  • Possibility to use this system for any other king of container (cardboard, drums…)
  • Realisation in stainless steel, painted or galvanized steel

Vibrating frames for tamping “Big Bag” containers

Equipment which are specially designed for tamping pulverulent and granular products in soft containers like ” BIG BAG”. It is possible to include a weighing table and thus , to tamp and weigh at the same work-station.

The frame into which the soft container is inserted, suspended by four straps, rests on a weighing table during the filling.

While or after filling, the frame goes up and disconnects itself from the weighing table to be able to move on to the vibration phase to tamp and product without damaging the weighing table.