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Vibrating sieves

These equipment are equipped with two engines. They may be on several levels.
Sieving can be performed by using cloths, perforated metal sheets or barlayer, with fast fixing systems.                                                                              According to your requirements, the system can be suspended or supported. Fully tight systems are available.                                                                            Made of steel or stainless steel (304 L, 316 L, etc.). Specific constructions possible, must be defined with the technical specifications.


Vibrating sieves are intended to be installed safely in the products’ vein.
It is possible to incorporate several stages of sieving.
They can be equipped with outlets, inspection traps, etc.
They can be made of stainless steel or painted steel.
The structure is vibrated using one or two engines depending on the technical requirements.
For the waterproof, airtight versions, the cover can be bolted or fixed using clamps.

Vibrating drainers / drippers
Vibrating drainers may be installed after a bleaching unit, a cutting unit, a cooking or cooling unit, to separate products from the liquids.
The filters may be made of cloth or perforated metal sheets.
The elements are designed for quick dismantling and for a full cleaning.

Vibrating clod breaker
Vibrating clod breakers are used to fluidize “caked” products. The dimensions of this equipment depend on the size of the bags that have to be emptied and on the product block that will be broken.

Washing unit
Equipment has a spraying bar enabling homogeneous spraying of the product. The bottom of the equipment has a stainless steel cloth to remove any excess sprayed liquid. The excess water is then drained out. The product comes out of the front of the equipment.

  • Fixed or mobile assembly on wheels.

Drying unit
Used in different fields of activity and for complementary equipment such as for example :

  • This drying unit may be circular, helicoid or linear according to the application.
  • Materials : as a general rule, it is made of stainless steel (304L, 316L, etc.). It can also be made of painted or galvanized steel.
  • The dimensions depend on the shape and size of the products to be dried, of the product flow rate, and of the moisture level.
  • Different shapes of vibration can be created according to the applications.
  • Fixed or mobile assembly on wheels.