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Container emptying unit

Equipment used to automate emptying process by using a suction rod.
This unit can easily be integrated into an existing installation.
Mechanically welded, structure made of E24-2 steel, can also be entirely made of stainless steel.

Vibration by electrical engines with adjustable weights, suspension by rubber blocks, lifting by inflatable jacks.

The structure’s design enables the container to be loaded by standard pallet trucks.

To the basic equipment can be added : A suction rod guiding frame, a safety enclosure which prevents access during operation and a control panel which manages the entire installation.
Once the container has been loaded using a pallet truck, the structure tilts and starts vibrating to guide the product towards the lowest point where the suction rod is located.

Vibraconcept also proposes octabins emptying units.
Octabin is placed on the vibrating frame by using a forklift. The polymer bag is fixed around the collar in order to be set under traction. The suction rod rest on the product and goes down progressively.
Please contact us for further information or budget price.